Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Mama Style || Party Season

The party season is nearly upon us, so now is definitely the right time to go out and treat yourself to a new party outfit. As you can see here the major retailers have updated their special occasion ranges. So, there is plenty of choice and some exciting new trends available. 

Animal prints

I would not describe myself as a huge fan of wearing animal prints as I just can't pull them off, but I do love seeing them and try to incorporate them in softer ways with head scarves and accessories. I did feature a beautiful faux leopard print jacket in my recent winter coat article, I do love the odd bit of fluff! It's clear that the animal print trend has caught the imagination of a lot of designers this season. In virtually every shop you are going to find some form of faux animal fabric being used for party dresses and accessories. It is an interesting look that could work for a lot of women. So, it is really worth your while trying a few of these dresses on or considering accessorising a plain outfit with animal print shoes.

Beautiful sequins

The shiny dress trend of last year also looks set to continue. There are some especially nice sequined dresses available from some retailers. They are really bright, so you need to be confident to be able to carry them off. If you are looking for something a little more muted, just opt for a beaded one instead. 

A little lace

There are also some lovely lace dresses available. They are remarkably low-priced, especially when you consider that most of them are lined. If you are feeling a little self-conscious about your figure a lace party dress can be an really good option. They are made of relatively heavy fabric, which means that it hangs nicely and tends to skim over any bulges. Plus, the texture helps to break up your body, which also makes any extra weight you may be conscious of less noticeable. It is also easy to wear shape wear under this type of dress. The lining provides good coverage, which means it is harder to see where any shape wear begins and stops.

Bright and warm colours

I like red, so I'm particularly pleased to see several retailers stocking red dresses. For the winter this classic bright colour is lovely to wear. It gives you a lift and makes you look really special. If most of the room is dressed in black you are really going to stand out. So, if you can carry off warm vibrant colours, why not treat yourself to a nice red dress. 

Don’t forget to shop in the sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide you with the perfect opportunity to grab yourself a great deal. So, on the 23rd of November and the 26th, don’t forget to click on this link and find yourself a bargain. Regardless of the type of dress you decide to buy, you will rock it - enjoy the party!

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* Collaborative post with images from Pixabay.