Thursday, February 11, 2016

5 Tips To Keep Kids Healthy This Winter

Bugs be gone!

The amount of bugs going around our area recently has been crazy to say the least. With nursery, play groups, toy sharing, drooling, hand holding and all that fun stuff comes the numerous germs and the inevitable sickness that follows. It can be exhausting going from one bug to the next, and it's always far worse at this time of year. Some things are unavoidable unless they wear that Spiderman mask all day long as there's no escaping the air born viruses, but for some things prevention is definitely key! 

Here are 5 tips to help warn off some of those pesky sick germs this winter...

1. Keep little hands sparkly clean

Hand washing pretty much goes without saying. It's best to use some kind of antibacterial soap, squid soap is great if you are at home, but I always carry antibacterial hand gel for a bit more peace of mind on the go. Cleaning up after two children with sick bugs is zero fun and who needs any extra washing? It's well worth a few pence for a little bottle of the good stuff. You can get little hand wipes too to make it feel a little easier and gentler on the skin.

2. Lots of fresh air (& fun)

Being out and about burning off some energy and breathing in some fresh air, does a world of good. However cold it is, wrap everyone up warm and get your wiggle on outside. Apart from the fact it will be fun and wear them out for bedtime, they will also hopefully get their much needed dose of vitamin D. Having fun = happy = healthy.

3. Plenty of sleep

Sleep is hugely important as a lack of sleep will make them feel run down and far more likely to pick things up, just like us. If the fresh air didn't work it's magic and they need a little more help to relax at bedtime, just try a little massage with some silky soft coconut oil, some peaceful twinkly stars projected around the room and a favourite book - this should do the trick quite nicely.

4. Keep poorly kids at home!

Arrggghh - there is nothing more frustrating than going to school, or play groups and seeing a poorly child there that should really be at home. If we all kept our poorly children home until they were better, the bugs will circulate far less and avoid it coming round again full circle - it's worth it in the long run! Come on people, keep those poorly ones at home, it'll soon pass. I always try and keep things like water beads and fun games in stock for those indoor days to keep them entertained.

5. Healthy food & water

It's so important to keep hydrated and a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients will help them keep their immune system stronger and resist those bugs a little too. With the UK weather being the way it is (hopeless), it may be worth considering a supplement to boost vitamin D levels and ensure our little ones are getting what they need. We love the chewy jelly ones best! If you need any tasty food inspiration, I love the BBC food website for healthy recipes for kids as well as Pinterest where there are some amazing ideas for sneaking vegetables in unnoticed!

Have a happy healthy winter and remember - it's very nearly Spring!

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