Sunday, February 14, 2016

What's Your Day Job? Meet Lisa...

This month I have another great blogger to introduce you to and hear a little about her day job, as well as the lady behind the blog. Meet 33 year old Lisa, you may know her better as the brilliant Mummascribbles.

Lisa Mummascribbles

A few facts about you: 

I live in Hertfordshire with my partner, our three year old son, two rabbits and some tropical fish. I write the parenting blog Mummascribbles and amongst full time work, my son and the blog, I don’t have much time for anything else! I adore the weekends and love just spending time having fun with my boys, whether it be a walk in the local country park, the dreaded soft play or at home with the paints out. 

What's your job? 

I am an Event Manager

How long have you been doing it? 

I’ve been in event organisation for nine years. I started out at the very bottom as a Meetings Co-ordinator and worked my way up to conference organiser in my previous company. I then couldn’t see a gap for progression and got a bit bored of doing the same events so jumped ship to the Event Manager role where I am now. There is a big difference between being an Event Manager and an Events Manager. The latter manages a whole events team whereas I just manage the allocated events! 

What do you like best about it? 

I love the feeling on site when I look around at an exhibition hall that has 400 people networking and knowing that I did that! I also bizarrely love the challenges that come up, the production of the programme books and flyers which are always running behind schedule and suddenly having the pressure there. I love and hate the pressure all in one go! But again, when I get a book through and it looks all pretty, I am pleased as punch! 

What is the worst thing about it? 

It’s not very family friendly and involves quite a bit of travel. My previous company was worse because I’d be away for 3-5 days at a time, somewhere in the UK. I started to find it really hard being away from Zach for that long. The company I am with now is mostly one day events so only involves an overnight stay except for the event that happens annually in November which is about four days. I am always gagging to see my boy at the end of that one. It’s also really hard when you have deadlines and other people are having to work late, to have to run out of the office at 4.30 in order to get to nursery. The role comes with a lot of guilt on both sides – being away from the family and sometimes feeling like I am not giving it all at work! 

Would you recommend it? 

I would recommend it pre-children. I do really enjoy the job itself and like the social and challenging aspect it brings. It’s a big commitment job though and it’s sometimes really hard to juggle being a mum as well. Of course, if I could do it from home it would all be easier and I’d love it even more! 

Any funny stories? 

Seeing people still drunk the morning after the Gala dinner is hilarious. Luckily I have only ever been hungover but it’s funny to watch those who stayed up all night try and work the half a day that’s left of the event! 

What's your dream job? 

My dream job would involve sitting at home on the laptop, cup of tea to the side and writing my blog, writing articles, writing anything! It’s a shame I’ve got a bit of writers block at the moment!

Would you carry on if you won the lottery? 

God no! It’s no secret that if I had the money, I would stay at home being a mummy. Work to me is just a means of paying the bills and buying things. My little lad is my life and if I could be the one looking after him then I would.

Thank you Lisa for taking part. I loved reading about your job, it sounds like it could be so much fun, though I know I would be hopeless at it myself! I've seen the work that goes into organising events and I can imagine the buzz of seeing it all come together, it must be amazing.

If you would like to hear more from Lisa, you can read her brilliant blog or pop over to find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

If you'd like to put yourself forward for a future 'What's your day job?', then please drop me an email, I can't wait to read about more of your fascinating day jobs and stories.