Thursday, February 04, 2016

Waffle: Single Parents, I Salute You.

Seeing a friend brave a solo holiday with her three boys this week got me thinking.

Could I cope with being a single mother?

Hopefully I won't have to find out for real (ever) and I guess that in the reality of those situations, you just DO, but do you know what? I have NO idea how you all do it and I really don't know if I would cope.

As much as I remember looking at my husband snoring away while our newborn woke for the 8th time that night and thinking 'what exactly is the point in you?', generally, I would be lost without him and I can't imagine not having that opportunity to escape for a few minutes at some point in the day if I need it, to have someone go and fetch the Calpol while I comfort a screaming poorly baby at 3 am. I can't imagine not being able to nip out for nappies in the evening or have someone share the mammoth task that is keeping everyone happy, clean, fed, watered - ALIVE on a daily basis. I cant imagine how organised you must have to be to just keep things going. How on earth do you all do it?

I guess having a decent support network around would help, but not everyone has that, then what? Without having someone to share those happy moments with, or call to in a panic, or on a bad day, I just don't know how it's done.

So this post is for you single parents, the ones battling through the days and nights without a break and doing a damn good job of it too. I salute you, and a massive high five for doing what can be the hardest job in the world, by yourself.