Friday, February 05, 2016

Purition Wholefood Protein Shakes: Review

"Eating right means eating more, not less, more natural whole foods packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals".

As part of my quest for better health I have tried a number of different 'diet' and health products, some of my favourites being a quick and easy grab and go shake, perfect for a mum on the (school) run trying to get fit but short on time.

I was offered to try some shakes from Purition. These shakes are so much more than others I've tried as they are 100% natural, super filling, wholesome and delicious - they are like a meal in a glass. I was sent the sample box of shakes which contains six flavours. Each shake is free of sugar, gluten and packed with natural goodness, protein and fibre. The flavours I was sent to try were;

-Raw Vegan Hemp
-Macadamia & Vanilla

Purition believe in using all natural products with no synthetic ingredients, this really comes across with the flavours available and the natural look of the powdered shake mix. The texture is very different to the usual (sometimes) grim protein shakes and is quite course and thick. The sample box is a great idea to get a good idea of what flavours you enjoy and to make sure you like the texture and tastes as it varies greatly from regular protein shakes, though for me it's a pleasant change.

I enjoyed all the flavours, less so the Raw Vegan Hemp, but it's all down to personal taste. I loved the chocolate one but I think my favourite was the Macadamia & Vanilla, it was so thick and nutty and surprisingly enjoyable to drink! The shakes really fill you up and Purition really believe in eating well to get in the best shape, eating real, whole foods. 

I really enjoyed filling up on these shakes for a week at breakfast time. I felt satisfied until lunch and happy in the knowledge I was full of natural ingredients that would be working wonders on the inside too. I really enjoyed the taste and texture, but it took a few sips to get used to and may not be for everyone - so I would recommend to try the sample box for £12.99 with free delivery, though I think by the end of your first shake you will be most likely be converted from the nasty synthetic sugary alternatives!

Thumbs up from me.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample box in exchange for an honest review.