Friday, February 26, 2016

My Non-Negotiables List

One of my blogger pals Lucy, tagged me in her recent Non-Negotiables List post, inspired by another lovely blogger, Kate. Lucy loved the idea of the non-negotiables list (as do I!) and so this tag was born.

This list is all about making positive changes, setting yourself a list of things to stick to that will make you happy, give you freedom from things that hold you back and a little more confidence in yourself. 

Here is my list of Non - negotiables. I Will...

  • Not listen to others and always go with my heart especially where my children are concerned.
  • Have one evening off of everything, one night a week.
  • Continue to get healthier, it'll be worth it.
  • Put my artistic skills to good use.
  • Always have my hair the colour I want it.
  • Speak up when I feel uncomfortable and say no when I don't want to do something.
  • Ignore vile people, let things go over my head.
  • Look after myself and treat myself once a week.

That's it, my non-negotiables, the list I need to live to, the things I will not budge on, the things that will make me happy. I'm sure I will be adding to it over time too. The way I have let people speak to me and treat me in the past is awful, never again. I rarely put myself first and have seriously wasted my talents - but no more. Onwards and upwards for this Mama. It's OK to think about my needs, it's good to use my talents and it's absolutely not acceptable for anyone to treat me badly in any walk of life, I know this now.

I'd like to tag three of my favourite bloggers, Kate, Sian and Emma to create their own list if they would like to join in.

What would be top of your list?

You Baby Me Mummy