Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Waffle: Half Term Heaven

This week has been amazing. A is off school for half term, I am off work and for once we have no agenda. We have no plans, nobody to answer to, to tut at us for being late, nowhere to hurry to, not even a reason to leave the house if we don't want to. These days are rare.

I love these days.

It's not until you have nowhere to go that you realise what an absolute strain it is having to live by a schedule and having to be places on time - something I am hopeless at that also causes me huge amounts of stress and I don't know why.

On a normal week, knowing A is at school burning off his excess energy, learning and being entertained is quite nice in some ways and I love spending the extra solo time with S. I do find though, that the school runs and even something simple like getting to a playgroup on time weighs down on my mind. It's only days like these where I realise quite the stress I put myself under for these things.

I was worried a little about the holidays and how A would be without having his playmates and the fun of school, but I love it. I'll be enjoying the rest of this heaven that is half term. I'll be enjoying having nowhere we need to be and having a calm week with no hurried shoe hunts or desperate last minute uniform searches.

Happy half term!