Monday, February 01, 2016

Keeping motivated: February Health Quest

I literally can't believe I am making plans for February already. FEBRUARY!!! It's so bizarre how quick the months are flying by, I don't like it one bit! Another month down anyway, so another update on the health front. Quite frankly, January has been a total right off. I've not gained weight but nor have I lost. I've had a virus and joint pains which haven't helped matters, but the biggest hindrance of all is definitely my mouth and it's ability to hoover up food within a 90 minute radius without warning, as well as bad anxiety and emotional eating. I managed to lose a bit, which soon went back on, my heart has just not been in it. I feel a little more motivated now but am just going to see how things play out and try my best.

Since Christmas I have struggled.  I normally love the January excitement of dieting but not this year. I don't know if it's because I lost so much last year, or if I'm just straight up lazy, who knows. All I know Is that I have felt rubbish, poorly, tired and totally unmotivated, which is not the me I have come to like. This month I need to give myself a good kick up the rear end, pull my socks up, pull my finger out and buck up my ideas (yep all of those!). It's time to take this seriously again before I pile weight back on and my health deteriorates. I don't want to be like that again, I felt awful. I quite like being able to breathe and walk better!

I need to remember why I'm doing this. I want to lose weight to be fit and healthy, I want to live a long time for my children and be comfortable, pain free and if I can look good in the process, then that's just a big fat Brucey Bonus for me. I have been lucky to try some new products over January, but I think I just need to focus on one thing.

I'll draw a line under January and start a fresh from today. I need to focus on what I'd like to do as I flit from diets from one day to the next and I need to just stick to the filling healthy good stuff and keep my energies up which will prevent the binges that have crept back in. I also need to take multi vitamins to keep my health in better check and get better sleep too as I am averaging around three hours a night at the moment, which is just insane and I am starting to look and feel drained.

So here are the plans for February -

It's simple. I want to begin a more Keto approach to my lifestyle, which will hopefully cut out the sugar and bad habits I've got back into too. I've been stalking a lot of keto sites for months now and I really fancy giving this a go. Secondly, I need to drink a lot more water as I am very much out the habit of it and I feel so much better when I do! Wish me luck; these gold hot pants won't wear themselves.

How did your January go diet wise? Did you struggle too?