Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Best Day Ever

It's an emotional time being a four year old and our boy A is a roller coaster of emotions at the moment. On our day out, we had a few ups and downs, he just has an abundance of energy and doesn't know how to handle it at times, nor do I. He turned to me though in the afternoon and said 'Thankyou for making this the very best day ever', followed by a huge squeezy hug. He is such a sweet boy and says things like this a lot, but this time it really got me right in the heart. He hadn't minded about being told off a few times when maybe he wasn't really being all that bad but Mummy was grumpy, he had forgotten the tantrum he had because of something silly before we left and he didn't mind that I had said we weren't buying lunch in the cafe. Just being there, all together and taking the time to take them both on an adventure and let them play freely was enough to make it the best day ever.

I really need to remember moments like this and stop focusing on things that really, in the great scheme of things don't matter at all.