Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kids Craft Time: Making Paper Pizzas!


We are huge pizza fans in this house, so what better for a rainy day craft activity than pizza making! As the kids had already eaten pizza this week, we went for paper pizzas - the baby still ate some toppings, but with far fewer calories!

This one's super simple and for starters you just need lots of coloured paper, some scissors, red paint and glue. I prepped the paper shapes for the kids as they are only 18 months and four so it was easier, though older kids like A may like to do the cutting too if they are crafting without a younger sibling.

I started off with a plain sheet as the table/mat, a yellow circle for the base, some yellow shredded paper cheese, some pink pepperoni circles, pink ham squares, green chillis and blue mushrooms!

Of course we needed a sauce so we used simple red paint. Ideally you should mix PVA with the paint for the cheese to stick to, but I couldn't find the PVA in time, so we just used the paint and added glue stick on top for the cheese to stick to. Messy, fun and worked a treat.

The toppings were then glued on in place separately by tiny hands. 

Both kids LOVED making pizzas, maybe even a little more than the real thing I think and they got really creative too. Although baby still tried the 'cheese', she had a good go at her pizza making and did a really great job as did A, who kept saying 'Mummy I'm so so proud of my pizza'. Bless his chops. It's now up on his bedroom wall.

I'd really recommend this as a super simple craft for kids of any age, it was the perfect rainy day activity and took just the right amount of time to hold their attention. We talked about our next paper meal too, which I think will be fish chips and peas - with a bit of tomato dippy of course.

This sort of craft can be prepped before hand so the children just have to do the sticking and topping. We stuck the plate on the 'mat', topped, then put a knife and fork on to finish the picture off.

What do you think of our paper pizza idea? We loved it.

(If you are lacking materials for this activity, you can find everything you need for this craft on the affiliate links below.)