Sunday, February 07, 2016

Protein Packed Vanilla & Coconut Pancakes

Pancake Day - Tuesday!

I love pancake day and always have done. You can't beat a traditional pancake with sugar and lemon juice, but as we are both on a health quest and finding ways to increase our protein intake too, I wanted to whip up something a little bit different instead of going without.

I was asked by Holland & Barrett to take part in their 'Blogger Protein Pancake Challenge', perfect timing for the big day this Tuesday too, so I thought I would share how I made these Vanilla and Coconut Pancakes, with a little natural maple syrup and pecans. Don't they look amazing?

One of my favourite treats (before slimming) was the Maple & Pecan Danish plait pastries you get at the bakery, so I really wanted to recreate that amazing flavour in a healthier way with our pancakes.

These are not like regular pancakes due to the coconut flour used, but I think they are really delicious and it's nice knowing I'm not having all that regular flour that can bother my tummy, but instead lot's of goodness, extra protein and healthy fats - with the organic maple syrup as a treat!


  • 3 Eggs
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder


  • Simply mix all the ingredients together until it looks like a smooth lump free batter.

  • Heat a pan (really hot!) with your favourite oil or fat and put the mix in, two tablespoons at a time for a nice little pancake perfect for stacking! Cook on one side until it bubbles all over, then flip reverse it. Add your favourite topping, for me it was maple syrup and delicious pecans.

These have an eggy kind of texture, but the flavour with the coconut is really good! What will you be having for pancake day, do you like to be more traditional?


Disclosure: I was supplied with the ingredients required to prepare the pancakes by Holland & Barrett. All words and recipes are my own.