Saturday, February 27, 2016

Into The Blue: Impossible Experience Competition

If you could go anywhere, do anything you wanted - what would you do? Now imagine there was a limitless budget, no restraints of being on this planet, in this realm or even in this decade - then what would you do? 

Whether it's time travel, riding on a dinosaur or snowboarding in Vegas, you can share your idea with Into The Blue who are offering a £200 voucher as a prize for their favourite idea. The competition ends on Monday the 29th, so get those thinking caps on and get entering! 

For me it's a little trip to space to visit the planet of kittens and donuts, I'm sure it must exist somewhere? I'd love to feel zero gravity and if you add kittens and donuts into the equation, I'd be a happy Mama.

Into the Blue have come up with 8 ideas of their own which are absolutely brilliant! I'd be straight on that moon experience if it was real. These should give you some great ideas too - which one would you choose?

You can read all about the competition over on the website by clicking here, but it really couldn't be easier to enter. All you need to do is Tweet your idea or submit to the Into The Blue Facebook page using the hashtag #impossibleexperiences and you could see your idea join the ones above on the website. The prize is a £200 voucher that you can spend on a very real gift experience from Into The Blue, such as wing walking, surfing, gorge walking, or even something a little less adventurous like a relaxing spa day. 

Good luck if you decide to enter, I can't wait to see all the crazy ideas you come up with - time to get those thinking caps on!

*Collaborative post