Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Skinny Sprinkles: Review

I was contacted last month to try a few health & weightloss related products to get my new year off to a good start on my health quest. One brand that I hadn't heard of really caught my eye and I was really excited to give their product a try, this was Skinny Sprinkles, a powder mix drink that makes you feel fuller, whilst also giving you an energy boost - perfect!

The lady on the box is a retro looking blonde beauty, if I could just look like her right now please? Take all my money. 

In my anticipation of the arrival of my Skinny Sprinkles, I set to reading a few Trust Pilot reviews - all of which were brilliant, I couldn't wait to try it. When I posted my first Instagram picture I was greeted with the first comment of 'they're disgusting'. Luckily this wasn't a common response!

When my boxes arrived  (two week supply) I got straight to work mixing my first drink. For some reason I decided to add extra water than suggested, I soon learnt that less is more when it comes to the water and it was a lot nicer made as instructed. When mixed, it was important to drink the Skinny Sprinkles pretty quick as they go a bit jelly like and it's a bit strange to swallow if left. As a drink this tastes like watered down strawberry jelly, the flavour is really nice but the texture did take me some getting used to. I can see how for some this may put them off, but for me if it works I'm happy and this is a lot nicer than most 'health' drinks.  I read that some customers like to mix theirs with milk. I tried this and it was OK, but I prefer just to use water as it's less calories and I actually preferred the watery strawberry taste to a milky one.

So how does this help aid weight loss?

1. Glucomannan absorbs water and expands taking up space in the stomach.
2. Drink half an hour before a meal to help reduce portion sizes.
3. Glucomannan empties slowly from the stomach so you stay fuller longer reducing snacking.
4. Manganese contributes to the metabolism of fatty acids.
5. Niacin and vitamin C contribute toward the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
6. Contains guarana, beetroot extract and niacin.

I've been losing weight for about 14 months now and I am around 5 stone down. I like to try new things and keep it interesting, I am in this for the long haul and love trying new products like these. Over the two weeks I tried Skinny Sprinkles (combined with my usual healthy diet)...

I lost 6 pounds!

I was pretty impressed with this loss. I normally expect around a pound a week and these sort of results I have not seen for quite some time. I wasn't crazy about the taste  but as they work so well I would definitely use them again and have actually got some more since my trial, though I am yet to use them. As I said I love the branding, but grew to dislike the name a little. These sprinkles do exactly what they say on the tin, but sound really gimmicky - when actually they work very well and although I can quite see why they are aimed at a female market (totally makes sense) these would be great for men trying to lose weight too. I have since gained the weight back but this was no reflection of the product, simply that a few bad habits crept back in and I have been a little slack. I look forward to using these again.

After dieting for so long I can tell when something has worked better for me and these definitely made a difference - so get a big thumbs up from me. If you want to try these for yourself, you can pick some up at your local Holland & Barrett or on the Skinny Sprinkles website

Disclosure: I was sent a sample for an honest review.