Monday, February 15, 2016

Professor Scrubbington's: Review & Giveaway

One of my absolute favourite things about being a blogger is having the opportunity to discover new brands and products that I love. As well as being able to try fun new things with my family, I get to share them with the world (well, the people that my blog reaches anyway) and sometimes something comes along that makes you do a little happy dance, you know the one I mean.

I was recently asked to trial some products from a brand that I now absolutely love. Aside from the products which I will come to later on, I just love the branding, design, name, graphics, everything! I don't usually comment on that side of things a great deal, but there is something about 'Professor Scrubbington's Emporium Of Clean' that just makes me smile - an awesome name or what? Me and my husband have always talked about starting businesses (usually involving pizza) and our made up names always include the word emporium, it's brilliant. Professor Scrubbington's is just me down to a tee.

Behind the cool branding there is actually a full range of lovely products that I think no bathroom should be without. You can view the full details here, but the products we were sent to trial were their;

Hair & Body
Hand & Face
Roll on deodorant

The first thing that I loved about this selection with it's arrival, was the unique packaging. The set came in a brown cardboard suitcase with travelling stickers on, totally unique, original and quirky - right up my street. Once opened, everything is neatly packed with some pretty shredded paper, it was like opening a little treasure chest! I love how this is all aimed at children, but has a more grown up feel, perfect for their target market and void of the 'baby-ness' that most kids products have.

The products from Professor Scrubbington's are made from a 'magic foam', with the exception of the deodorant, perfect for children to use by themselves. I had to help A open the bottles initially, but once you know how to do it it's not a problem - simply pull down the lip of the 'lid' and voila, magic foam a go go.

A loves these products and they have been really soft and gentle on his delicate and sensitive skin. There has been a lot less fuss at bath time now he has something just for him (not his sister!) and even hair washing has been easier, which is a pretty big deal in our house! We love the magic foaming action of the bottles and A loves the feel of them, whilst being able to wash himself without it all just falling off his little hands into the bath tub. He can also hold the non slip bottles easily and squeeze product through to make the foam with one hand. A proper little Mr Independent right there and these thoughtful little details help so much.

Love at first squeeze.

My absolute favourite thing about these products is the smell - it's amazing! I can't even describe how good it is, but it's floral, light, heavenly, clean, everything you want from these kind of products. Professor Scrubbington's use natural ingredients, so there are no nasties lurking in these super squeezy bottles. After posting a picture on Instagram I was inundated with comments of love for this brand by friends and fellow bloggers, it seems I totally missed the boat  and I am so pleased to have discovered them now.

Our favourite product of all was the foaming hand and face wash. We loved the dispenser for this one and it felt so refreshing and cleansing, whilst also smelling beautiful and being fun to use. A is four and a half and in no way a baby, but still has that sort of skin that can flare up easily. He does however need something a little stronger than baby products. These fill that gap perfectly and we have been really happy with them. I have even tried these myself and they are a lot nicer than most my adult products and the smell lasts really well!

Some of the profits from the sale of these items also go to Children's charities and this is something that always gels well with me. It shows that a brand really has a passion for their target audience, as well as a caring side too.

Overall, I would hugely recommend the goodies from Professor Scrubbington's and have no complaints, well. except maybe those bottles could be easier to open. I loved that these appealed to us adults as well as our son, who was super excited to see the arrival of the suitcase and have his very own collection, including the deodorant!

These products are £5 each, or you can buy the whole set for a very reasonable £20, purchased from their website, and also Amazon. I think these prices are great considering the foam system and how long they will last! Big thumbs up from us.

If you would like to try and win some products for yourself, please enter via the Gleam app below. I only run giveaways for products I think are worth shouting about, so you won't be disappointed!

Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent product samples in exchange for an honest review, all words are my own.