Saturday, February 06, 2016

Buko Organic Coconut Water: Review

"Less sugar and more rainforest".

I love anything coconut flavour and although coconut water has been a hot topic for a while, I've been yet to step out my comfort zone and try it. I was kindly offered to try the latest 100% pure Organic Coconut Water from Buko for the blog, as it has a number of amazing health benefits and fits with my fitness goals for this year. I couldn't wait to try something new. So firstly, why is coconut water so good for us?

-General benefits of coconut water-

Good for weight loss
Boosts hydration
Good for skin
Rich in nutrients
(Good for hangovers!)
Good for digestion

As you get older, you begin to be a little more health conscious and it starts to matter a little more what goes into your food and drinks. Generally, if it isn't natural it probably isn't good for you one way or another, so we are all urged to steer away from those sugary soft drinks and energy drinks filled with god knows what. Coconut water has been praised as a much healthier alternative. 


Buko coconut water is different to some mainstream brands, as it's totally organic with no additional nasty ingredients to sweeten it up and half the sugar content of the leading brand. In actual fact, it really doesn't need any more sweetening anyway, it's delicious as it is! Buko use young organic coconuts that have been grown with no chemicals or pesticides. This water has a pure natural taste and is the perfect sweetness for me to get my sweet fix, tasting a little fruity and a little like coconut, it's really refreshing and the colder the better for me! I would love this on a hot day with some ice. A desert island would be pretty nice too!

Buko care greatly about the environment with their organic growing and the fact that for every carton purchased, a square meter of the rainforest is saved and given permanent protection - brilliant!

You can buy Buko Organic Coconut Water in 330ml and one litre cartons and we have really enjoyed trying this out. I love this as a drink but we have also enjoyed trying it as an alternative to milk in drinks and on cereal - delicious! Big thumbs up from us.