Monday, February 01, 2016

A Little Trip To Ikea

Venturing to Ikea is one of my favourite days out. It's super stressful with two excited overheated bored children, but a few meat balls and a dime bar and they are happy. 

We popped over this weekend and it was busy, insanely busy, Christmas busy! The kids were a little distraught to be torn away from their adventures, but we managed to have a reasonable look round and I saw lots of beautiful things that I would absolutely love. The problem with Ikea, is that you kind of want everything and I could quite easily fill my house up ten times over. I love looking through all the rooms they set up and finding some bargains to take home. I love their kooky designs, some of it is right up my street.

For some reason the section for stationary, gift wrapping and decorations has always passed me by, but not this time. I loved all the different colours and patterns on offer and as I am a little obsessed with notebooks (weird much?) I got a little excited by this bat book.

I am in love with lighting and I look forward seeing all the different things Ikea has on offer. I loved their new cardboard range (the green one is only £4 too) but I just couldnt decide so we will have to go back ona  quieter day. They are all so pretty though and I loved the copper lined lamp shades.

You can't really beat Ikea for quirkyness and colour injections. I loved this range of kids cushions, they look just how I would design them myself and the kids loved them too. I love colourful rugs too and I liked that this one had such a nice range of colours through it. Unfortunately, we don't need one but I would probably have gone for this one otherwise.

I don't know where, what or why, but I need this storage trolley. It's such a perfect colour and has a nice retro vibe to it as well as being really useful, for something... I need an office just for this and the matching chair! The kitchens are beautifully layed out and dressed in store and this wood/metal mix number was my favourite. I love that it isn't all white and empty, I can imagine living with this - whilst maybe getting a little obsessed with wiping little finger prints off those drawers constantly!

We returned home with a few little goodies, but no big buys. It was far too busy to think and the children were not happy! We will save our big shop for another day!