Saturday, February 13, 2016

Salcura Skincare: Review

Once I hit my 30's, it became apparent that it was time to stop being sloppy with my (non existent) skincare routine and start looking after myself inside and out. The lack of sleep and 'me time' have really taken their toll since having children. In the nicest possible way, it really accelerates the aging process on the skin, which has begun to look tired quickly.

As well as an improved diet and ensuring I drink a little more water, I've really enjoyed trying out new skincare products and seeing what works well for my sometimes dry, sometimes oily, combination skin.

I was recently sent some products from a brand called Salcura Natural Skin Therapy for review. Salcura have 3 principal ranges: Bioskin for dry skin, Bioskin Junior for the little ones, and Antiac for acne and blemishes; as well as a host of other products to nourish and nurture the skin.

I was kindly sent the Antiac Activ Gel Serum to target spots, the Bioskin Face Cleanser and Bioskin DermaSerum. I have very dry and sensitive skin at the moment, so I was looking forward to seeing how these would tackle my problem areas.


I have really enjoyed using the cleanser and my initial thought was that it looked just like sticky lemon curd! In actual fact, this isn't sticky at all (it wouldn't cleanse much if it was would it!). After using the cleanser my skin felt baby soft, smooth and perfectly clean. I've never used a cleanser that looks like this, but it worked really well, it was super gentle and smells lovely. As the products are natural, this cleanser is just packed with goodness with no artificial colourings or chemicals. I was really pleased that this was so efficient at cleaning my skin without leaving my skin stinging, like most 'normal brand' cleansers do. I really like the bottle and dispenser nozzle, it didn't get messy and it will be easy to get every last scrap of cleanser out too, there's nothing worse than wasted product!

Gel Serum

The Antiac Gel Serum was a very light moist cream and felt nice and cool when applied to spots, without any stinging. I found on my pimple type spots it was very effective in reducing them visually and they were a lot less noticeable within a few hours. I had a few spots around my chin area which cleared up well, but I didn't have many spots throughout the trial period to try it out on other than those. From what I could test it on, it did seem to do what it says on the 'tin'; it worked quickly and reduced the size and look of spots. Perfect.

Derma Serum

Finally and it's definitely the best 'til last, is the Bioskin DermaSerum. This was my favourite product of the three and one I would really miss if it ran out any time soon. This is just so gentle on the skin but really moisturising and refreshing at the same time.  Using this after the cleanser, kept my skin soft until morning. I found the serum to really brighten up my skin, reduce redness and keep the skin looking healthier. This serum can be applied under your normal moisturiser or instead of. My dry areas were noticably improved with use and I love the tea tree oil smell! I'd defintiely reccomend this if you were to buy just one product to try.

I really enjoyed the products from Salcura and I would definitely use them again. You can find out all about Salcura and their collection of products over on their website

Disclosure: I was sent samples in exchange for an honest review.