Monday, February 01, 2016

What's Your Day Job? Meet Annie B

I really enjoyed getting to know some nitty gritty on peoples day jobs last year, and I am really excited to be back with another lovely blogger, Annie B, (AKA Mrs Crafty B) who is going to tell us all about her exciting venture. I love this one!

Name: Annie B

Age: I may possibly be celebrating the big 3 0 this March!!! 

A few facts about you: I currently live in South Wales (after moving from Cambridge in 2014) with Hubby B, two Little B's and 'little cat' Tess. I'm a craftaholic and I write a blog about crafts and 'making home' (Mrs Crafty B). I like cake a lot. I drink far too much tea and I enjoy the occasional G&T. The only exercise I get is running after my 2 yo! I need to start exercising (and using anti wrinkle cream!!!!)  

What's your job? I am self employed as a virtual PA.

How long have you been doing it? Officially launched Hello My PA in July 2015. 

What do you like best about it? The variety. I love not knowing what my next client will bring the table. I have done everything from data entry, copy typing, sorting receipts and creating CV's to creating posters and organising blogger events! 

What is the worst thing about it? Not knowing how much I will earn in any given month. It's a challenge not to have the security of a definite wage at the end of the month and to get the balance between taking on work and marketing the business is also tough.

Would you recommend it? I would recommend being self employed if you are dedicated for the right reasons but it is very hard work and you have to have your eyes open constantly. There is so much to think about so it is worth doing lots of research before you decide. 
Any funny stories? Not as of yet. None that I can share anyway haha (client confidentiality). The thing that makes me chuckle the most is a certain company who keep emailing me to offer me the services that I offer to other people. That is pretty laughable and keeps me entertained. Occasionally I like to reply with a very nice sarcastic email. They should really do their research! 

What's your dream job? Oooo tough question! I think at any given time in my life it would be a job that I enjoy doing and in which I can continue to develop and learn. I think that is what I do at the moment so long may that continue.

Would you carry on if you won the lottery? I think I would. I love being busy and I am very much a people person. If I won the lottery I would probably delegate some of the business admin so I could focus on clients ha ha. 

Thank you so much to Annie for taking part, what an amazing idea for a business! If you want to know more about Annie and her virtual PA skills, you can visit her website and catch up with her blog Mrs Crafty B here. If you'd like to be featured in a future 'What's Your Day Job' post, just drop me an email.