Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Exploring With The Day & Night AR Globe || Oregon Scientific

I love all things relating to space and Alf is certainly going the same way. I've always been obsessed with planets, stars and constellations and we're even making a space themed bedroom for Alf right now - I'm so excited!

Recently, we were sent something that will fit so well into our theme, offer a little night time lighting, a little learning and best of all some augmented reality exploring! The product we received was the brilliant Night & Day 2 in 1 AR globe from Oregon Scientific. I love globes anyway and think they look great in any room, but this is so cool I think I even want one for myself. 

Here's a few product details;

  • 2 in 1 globe shows planet Earth by day and turns into a constellation globe at night.

  • By Day, the globe shows political boundaries, oceans, country names, capital cities.

  • By Night, the illuminated star map shows 88 constellations, turning the globe into an impressive room decoration.

  • Experience 3D Augmented Reality with a tablet or smartphone - landscape, animals, landmarks, weather dinosaurs and quiz.

  • Powered by 3 x AA Batteries (included), Optional USB Power (Adapter not Included).

For starters, the simple globe in itself is perfect for Alf who turns six this week. Alf's always been an inquisitive little explorer, he loves wildlife programmes and enjoys hearing about the world, so a globe was top of my list for his bedroom makeover. Alf loved seeing where we are in the world, where some of his school friends are from such as Poland, Russia and Mexico and seeing how vast the seas are on our planet.

At night, the globe becomes a nightlight which is perfect for Alf and just the right brightness to sleep to if need be. As if by magic though, the globe transforms showing all the constellations, names, outlines and shapes. This is such a great and simple idea, but works so well giving the globe several uses whilst also just looking super cool in his room.

The final aspect of the globe is that you can download an app and view the globe through your phone/tablet camera, with augmented reality. This means that when you look over a country, you can then view what animals live there, what dinosaurs once roamed, as well as major landmarks and weather. 

This feature is certainly impressive. There isn't a great deal to spot, but Alf loved finding them all, naming them and hearing about some of the landmarks. Admittedly I had to turn to Google for help at times! Although I love the AR aspect to the globe and it's really clever, I think the globe has plenty to offer without it, so it's really an added bonus.

This retails at £29.99 and I think it's a great price for what is essentially a decoration, learning tool and light in one. We loved exploring the world and it opened up lots of conversations about places, travel, languages and all sorts. I would have paid the RRP price for a light up globe this size, so the fact it does so much more is even better. This would be a great Christmas present for any explorers aged five and up.

Do you have any little explorers that would love this globe?