Sunday, October 01, 2017

Life || September

September has been a mixed bag, with Alf going back to school after an amazing Summer and Soph starting too. We've had lots of days out all together and had lots of cosy movie/Lego days which have been lovely.  
I've been feeling really good lately, getting my blog in order, feeling confident with where I want to go in my working life and starting a new course from home. I was offered a course with NCC Home Learning and decided that from the courses I was eligible for that I'd choose their Upcycling diploma as I love all things home and giving things a new lease of life. I'm hoping this will give me lots of new ideas for the blog as well as low cost solutions to improve our home. 


Wearing - September has been mostly sponsored by the colour mustard, brought to you by the letter more mustard! I just can't get enough, home, clothes, literally anything if it's yellow/mustard I need it all! I've just had a wee Primark haul where I got a simple new (mustard) cardi, a checked (mustard) shirt, a plain (mustard) tee shirt, a comfy (mustard) hoodie and some leggings - black! Bit of a theme there...

Food & Drink - September has been a bit of a greedy month. I don't know why but for some reason I have zero willpower right now. I'm finally comfortable with my size, I'm happy to buy a bigger size as long as it fits, I don't care that I have the worlds biggest bum and I'm quite happy to style myself with what I've got. I do need to shed some pounds though as the more the scales creep up, so does the pain with my back and muscles, I've really struggled recently so totally need to sort it.

Watched - During September, we've not watched a great deal in terms of series, but have enjoyed First Dates, The Undateables and catching up with the soaps. We're really looking forward to watching Stranger Things later this month and Peaky Blinders whenever the new series finally arrives, I love that programme! I just got 'Sing' on DVD today for the kids and I'm so excited to watch that.

Disliked - The main thing I've not liked in September is probably women. I should probably elaborate as some are very lovely, but some simply don't grow up past the 13 year old playground rubbish. I find it so strange especially when people are not only over 30, but also Mums themselves, yet still act like children, putting down other women, making people feel bad. It's so odd to me and some playground Mums openly laughed at me last week which made me feel rubbish as I'd had a bad morning. There is just no need!

Loved - As much as I hate seeing the bright colours of all the flowers fading out for Autumn, I absolutely love this time of year and getting the house cosy, layering clothing and all the other fun stuff that comes with it. I have a bit of a nostalgic soft spot for conker collecting and I've really enjoyed watching the kids hunt for the best conkers in the park. I've also loved feeling a little more focused with my blog, taking it in a slightly more 'lifestyle' direction and starting my upcycling course. I feel like I have myself together, I know what I want to wear and what I want to be doing - win.

Most popular blog posts - My most popular posts from September were my Autumn fit kit with everything I'll be sampling to improve my skin hair and body in the cooler months, a collaborative post with Wayfair where I spruce up my cosy work space in our living room and finally a review/craft post about our sweet shop dough making, working with Addo Play.

Favourite Photo - It's rare that I star in photos myself, aside from selfies which I partly take so there are actually pictures of me somewhere! I love this one of us and even though I'm looking a tad rough after a busy day walking around The Deep in Hull, it sums us up so well - Alf calm and cuddly, Soph crazy and squishy and me, well I'm tired as always.

So that was September for me, how was yours?