Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mama Style || October Favourites

This time of year is my absolute favourite clothing wise. I love layering up and although it's been a bit unpredictable weather wise, it's been nice covering up a bit and shopping for a few new staples.

The main thing I'm struggling with this month is that I've gained lots of weight again and feel so silly. It's not that I'm too bothered by what I see in the mirror, but clothes just aren't hanging as nicely so I'm having to get a bit creative just lately to make my outfits work! I'm determined not to buy bigger just yet, I will get it back off and have a lovely wardrobe sat ready and waiting.

The best thing this month has been new winter coat shopping. I decided on not one but two winter coats to tide me over the coming season, chosen from a selection on the Look Of The Day website, where I chose a soft yellow puffer style coat (of course I needed a yellow one!) as well as a classic green parka style coat with a whopping fluffy hood, which I'm hoping I can affix to the yellow one too when needed. 

I posted recently about my new cat theme tops from Top Tier Style too and love having something a bit different to wear, they brighten up my outfits, got me actually wearing something white and reflect my personality a bit more than some clothes.

Here's some of my favourite looks from October, I can't actually believe how quick that month has gone!

This month has been all about the yellow again. I'm now a total bandanna addict, they are such a godsend on bad hair days and quick 'Mum' days where everything else takes priority. I've lived and died in my jersey pinafore dresses (thank you Matalan!), they just go with everything, they are so easy to style, really comfy and I love the way they look. Hoodies as always feature pretty heavily this month, they are just so easy aren't they? It's easy to make them look less scruffy with nice boots or a nice bandanna too. I've loved bringing out the bobble hats and knit head bands again, you can't beat a bit of cosy. I'll be hunting for a few new ones this month, I'm all about the quick fix when it comes to getting ready especially on school days.

Next month I'm really going to try and wear jeans more, introduce some skirts and tights and of course work on my fitness to fit better into some of my favourite clothes! 

What's been your Autumn favourites so far?