Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Kids Craft || Sparkle Leaf Print Camo Bag

This months Bostik Bloggers theme is Autumn, and it's the perfect time of year to get creative, with lots of rainy days to have a cosy crafternoon. I thought about what the kids have enjoyed lately and what they could join in with for our craft.

I decided on some leaf printing, something I remember doing as a child, as well as finding a good use for the lovely leaves Soph likes to collect. In our craft box recently we received a tote bag, so I thought I'd help Soph make an Autumn themed bag that she could take out on our conker collecting trips and use for her other wombling too. With all the different colour of leaves falling this time of year, I thought we'd make a kind of camo pattern with our leaf prints, overlapping colours and shapes - and of course adding some glitter!

For this craft you need;

  • Bostik PVA glue
  • Acrylic/fabric paint
  • Plain tote bag
  • Collection of leaves
  • Glitter
  • Paintbrushes/roller

To make;

1. Start by choosing a selection of your best leaves, not too 'crispy' and varying in size and shape.

2. Lay your bag flat and pop a sheet of card/paper inside to stop the paint leaking through to the other side of the bag.

3. Add paint to the under side of a leaf using your brush or roller.

4. Think about where you'd like your first leaf to go and press paint side down onto the canvas. Soph had a practise go on some paper first!

5. Layer up the leaves in different autumnal leaf colours.

6. Finally for a little added sparkle, spread some glue mixed with glitter.

7. All finished, now just leave to dry.

Perfect for an afternoon collecting pinecones, conkers leaves and sticks!


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