Home Style || Creating A Family Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom has to be one of the most used and abused spaces in the family home. The typical family often has a pretty healthy collection of cosmetics and bath products squirreled away, as well as toys and equipment for the smaller members of our family.

The main thing about creating the perfect family bathroom is of course thinking firstly about safety, closely followed by creating some much needed space. Stand alone storage units, bath toys and cumbersome toddler seats hanging around, can quickly take up lots of valuable room that can be used far more effectively to make the most of your space.

I thought I'd pop together a few tips and products I've discovered, that can help create the perfect bathroom for your family, giving you more room and functioning better for its purpose. Bath time and toilet time can often be a daunting prospect for our children, but there are a few clever ways we can make the whole thing feel a little more appealing from day one.

1. Temperature controlled shower head | 2. Family toilet seat | 3. Laminate flooring | 4. Baby dam | 5. Duck tap extender | 6. Toilet night light | 7. Heated towel rail | 8. Combination unit | 9. Colourful chevron towels  

For a toddler friendly bathroom, family toilet seats (2) are a great addition. With a regular seat as well as a fold down 'mini' seat for tiny bums, this eradicates the need for a separate seat hanging around, saving a little space as well as being great practice for little one as they get bigger. A tap extender like the duck (5) above makes bath time and hand washing a little more fun and easier for kids. If you have a baby and struggle to find space for a bulky baby bath, the Baby Dam (4) not only saves that much needed space by creating a mini bath in the tub by making a dam to catch the water. This also saves hugely on water and water heating costs, with less waste and a much easier bath time. If you're using the baby dam, there will be room in the tub for you to sit fully clothed behind the dam to wash and play with baby, whilst saving on the 'bending over the tub back pain' and again, getting them used to the tub as they grow.

Kids love colour, so aside from a splash of colour on the walls, items like these pretty chevron towels (9) with a matching bath mat, brighten up the room and make the space look much more child friendly. A bathroom friendly laminate floor (3) is easy to clean, easy to dry up splashes and much more hygienic for a shared space, making it the perfect option for families.

For kids that get up in the night to visit the toilet, a night light (6) that hangs on the rim, casting a muted coloured LED light is just the ticket to help your little ones find where they need to go without having to turn bigger lights on, helping them stay in the sleepy zone. Another light up product is the family safe shower head (1) that glows different colours depending on the temperature, meaning that you'll instantly know if the shower changes in temperature while your little one showers.

A heated vertical towel rail (7) may still get warm so care must be taken with little ones around, but it saves a great deal more space than having separate towel rails and radiators, with a lot more space for hanging too. With families using a lot of towels, this will help to dry them neatly in one warm place, not to mention they look a lot nicer than conventional radiators!

Kids and babies love bath toys, but they can often take up space. A bath net can be perfect, but if you want to have more 'out of sight' storage for these kind of items, then it may be worth considering fitting something like a combined unit (8) that makes the most of the space beneath and around the toilet and sink, giving lots of storage space for tubs of toys, cleaning items and bath products. 

There are lots of ways to make your bathroom more family friendly, but here's the main things to consider;

  • Keep cleaning products up high or locked away
  • Save space by finding multi use items
  • Regularly clear out old bath products to regain some space
  • Replace fittings with more suitable options
  • Always use a bath mat of some kind to protect floors
  • Maximise the use of space with creative storage solutions
  • Add splashes of colour to make the room less daunting to little ones
  • Use temperature control items like the shower head above or bath thermometers for a safe bathing temperature
  • Save water with a baby dam or sharing bath with baby
  • Add a night light to help kids find the loo in the dark and save waking others
  • Declutter and wipe down daily to keep on top of the mess

I hope that has given you a few ideas of things you can do to create space, increase safety and make bath time an even better experience for your family.

Do you have any other family friendly bathroom tips?

* This is a collaborative post, all words and thoughts are my own.