Friday, October 27, 2017

Interior Design Trends for Winter 2017 || A Guest Post From Dandelion Interiors

Another expert in the house. This time I'm handing over to the guys at Dandelion Interiors to give us a heads up on the hottest interior design trends for winter 2017. 

Lighting plays a pivotal role when it comes to the finishing touches of an interiors scheme. Aside from being functional, it brings a space together and creates the desired atmosphere.

We’ve noticed that lighting has played a pivotal role to the finishing off of interior designs this Autumn, a trend to be continued into winter. It has the effect of bringing spaces together and to create the perfect atmosphere.

Following with this, we’ve seen statement lighting start to trend. Grandiose lighting features that are almost pieces of art and standalone in their value to the room. They’re particularly well suited to dining rooms or social areas, especially if you’re fortunate to live in a house that has high ceilings.

Back to natural

As we edge towards 2018, we’re moving away from the vibrant colours and modern materials of the last couple of years, and we’ve seen a move to more natural materials and colours, even if it’s faux antique. We’ve seen a lot of interest in the Scandinavian look, with natural, light fabrics and light wood. Metals are used in conjunction with natural materials to accentuate the character that both offer.

Period Features stay popular

Using period features are a little bit like “a little black dress” in a sense they’re timeless and always popular. This is no different now, but we have seen period features take on a modern twist. For example, we’ve seen period fireplaces being painted white and contrasted with statement mirrors. Classic, but with a twist.

Tie-Dye is back

Tie-Dye is a little like marmite; it divides opinions. We’ve already seen it come back to our wardrobes over the summer and that’s continued into trends with accessories like linens, cushions, artwork. With interiors, we like to use really rich colours, so it feels Autumn / Winter and not something at home at a music festival. We feel tye-dye it taking the place of the recent watercolour trend with the tie-dye effect allowing patterns to be bigger and bolder. With its versatility, we can see tie-dye evolving into a spring interior trends too.

15 Shades of Grey (excuse the pun)

The immediate perception of grey is one of “boring” or dull, but for interiors, the right palette of grey can be stylish, elegant, subtle. We’re seeing some nice shades of grey with midnight blue used as a colour pop. A key to using shades of grey, with or without midnight blue is to think about textiles, especially printed textiles.

Simple shapes stay on trend

We’ve seen that maintaining those simple lines and shapes is continuing to be a theme for this autumn. We’ve consistently seen a propensity for clean lines, while slightly curved angles, are trending. Very much Scandinavian or minimalist. Don’t be surprised to find metal furniture combined with wooden framing and soft furnishings, a combination of clean lines and a feeling of luxury, with a modern twist.
With this trend, we’ve seen a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design, which has very simple lines, coupled with neutral colours and just a splash of rich, vibrant colour. Using quite rich hues can give a feeling of comfortable, spacious, energetic and luxury.

Overall, we can see that natural colours stay in trend and Scandinavian design stills holds a lot interest. The preference is whether you’d prefer to incorporate period or natural woods into your interior design or opt for blending more modern materials into your design. Either way, you’ll furnish it with rich furnishings either using tie-dye or a splash of rich colour to give off opulence and comfort.

A big thank you to Dandelion interiors for providing this post. It seems that most of the things I love are still 'in' which means they'll be easy to get hold of, always good. I love tie dye, although I'm not sure how I feel about it in the home just yet, but I'm sure it'll grow on me! You can see and hear more on the Dandelion Interiors website by clicking right here.

Which trend are you most excited about?