Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Home Learning With NCC || Upcycling Diploma

I've been wanting to get back into some kind of learning and with kids around and lack of funds, online courses are definitely the way forward for me. I was contacted by NCC Home Learning to see if I'd like to partake in one of their online courses for review purposes and jumped at the chance.

It took me a while to choose a course as the first couple of things weren't available for what I needed, so I eventually decided on doing something for the purpose of being better at something I enjoy that could also benefit my blog work, with their Upcycling Diploma course.

I've always loved doing little upcycling jobs, giving things a new lease of life and I think in an age where there is just so much waste every day, it's always good to rescue something from the scrap yard and give it a new purpose or look, whether it's clothing or for the home.

I've done several home projects where I've upcycled things like picture frames, recovering chairs, giving furniture a makeover and evening restyling out tired kitchen with fresh paint and modern door knobs (above pic). I've made over our bathroom and bedroom furniture and although it hasn't been perfect, it all looks so much better, saved us a fortune and gave new life to old tired items.

The reason I decided on this course is that although it's a subject and hobby I really enjoy, I would like to have the knowledge and skills to do it all properly. I want to learn whats best to recycle, how best to prep surfaces, what paints to use and everything else the course has to offer. I can't wait to put my new knowledge to good use and hopefully share some of my makes and new tips here too.

You can read all about the courses available to study at home on the NCC website at

Have you ever studied a course online?