Thursday, October 26, 2017

Home Style || Creating The Perfect 'Mum Cave'

We've all heard about the 'man cave', a space for the man of the house to go and retreat to, perhaps somewhere they can go and relax away from the children and us wives? This could be a space for them to watch the television in peace, play on their XBox and drink beer, sounds pretty idyllic to me and there's absolutely no reason we shouldn't get the same luxury. I’m all about supporting the dads, we all know that this parenting gig can be a stressful one and mine even has the shed which is a brick built den for him to hide away with his bikes. We all need to do what we can to find ways of coping with this stress and that’s why I am thinking about the perfect 'mum cave' for all of us ladies.

Creating A Marvelous Mum Cave

We need to find our space too, making it strictly out of bounds to anyone else. That means no children, husbands, dogs, cats or even Tina from next door, we all have one of those right? This is our space and our space only. This space needs to be somewhere that is away from it all. We all know what happens when we try to take a relaxing bath, it’s never relaxing when you have an audience of children watching you soak and someone coming in for a poop, which literally always happens. No, we need a space that is away from the house, preferably a garage or even a greenhouse like one of the halls supreme greenhouses would be perfect. A space to craft, read, relax and just enjoy the quiet  time would be amazing. Here's what I'd have in mine, if only we had the space!

Walkie Talkies

We want our space but we don't want to be worried about the family. We don’t want the Mr coming out to tell us that Peppa Pig is driving him insane. We don’t want our children coming out to tell us the very long story of how their friend of a friend had meatballs and pasta for dinner. We need a walkie talkie or similar, so that way they can still get hold of us in an emergency and we can also hit the mute button when extra peace is required.

A Comfortable Chair/sofa

We want a seat that we can recline and squash into, a seat to be the perfect place to relax in covered in as many cushions as my heart desires, with nobody to nag me about how many cushions we have (possibly too many). A place where we can watch Netflix or doze. A huge fluffy blanket is a must, with some cosy fairy lights surrounding our seating space if we need extra light to read.

Laptop Or A TV

We want to be able to watch our trash TV in peace and that means we need something to watch it on. Get a television or a laptop and start binge watching one of your favourite series, with complete control over what you watch, heaven. Aside from entertainment, having a totally separate space to work if you're a WAHM would be perfect.

A Fridge

You can't relax without some decent snacks or a glass of something bubbly. Fill it with prosecco, and toast that gorgeous family of yours for letting you have your very own dream mum cave - ha! Everyone needs bubbles. Add a few bars of my favourite Cadbury's chocolate and I'm good to go.

A Craft Corner

I'd love a room away from the house I could get crafty in, with ample storage for my stash, all my paints in one place and a real creative corner for me to experiment in without having to hide it all away out of the kids reach.

Photos Of Your Family

We might need our own space sometimes, but we also love them like crazy. Having photos of them in your mum cave will mean that you can still be with them, it will also help ease the mum guilt we always feel when we take a moment for ourselves! 

Having a mum cave means that you will return to the mad world of parenting feeling refreshed and ready to go. Every house needs one! What would you put in your mum cave?

*Collaborative post