Friday, September 11, 2015

100 Happy Days - Day 64

This is admittedly an odd one, as I am sure you can tell by looking at that there rubber pig attached to my bedroom wall. I pulled back the curtains this morning and this is what I discovered. Truly one of those 'You know you're a Mum when...' moments and it really made me chuckle. There used to be a curtain tie back there and gradually over the last couple of years that A has got taller he has worked it loose. Now it seems he has replaced our curtain hook completely with a rubber pig. This kind of suits our mad house and makes me smile, so it will stay in place now until a) we move or b) the boy decides to remove it and replace it with something else - a fork perhaps? This is the more likely option. Happy day 64, kids making their presence known well and truly!