Sunday, September 13, 2015

Party Bags & Supplies - Review

Our big boy A turns four next month and suddenly he is superhero mad, so grown up and such a boy. He still loves Peppa Pig, dinosaurs and things like that too, but has moved onto the big kid greats, Marvel heroes, Minions, Lego and even bikes with no stabilisers! Here he is in all his Minion glory.

For his birthday party he will be having a select few friends round for some treats, cakes and a few party games. He absolutely loves SpiderMan, so when we were asked to review a party pack from, he finally decided on the SpiderMan pack over the other favourites, which were The Minions and The Avengers.

Our box soon arrived and I was excited to see all the bits and pieces in the flesh and they were just perfect. We had a little mock up party, seeing as it was a baking day! He is really excited now. 

The sets come in packs of eight and this is what was included - for a cost of £28;

  • 8 paper plates
  • 8 plastic cups
  • A table cloth
  • 8 Pre filled party bags
  • 16 napkins

All the above came printed with the same SpiderMan themed cartoons and when set out on the table it looked great! It was nice to have all the stress taken out of the party shopping and have everything matching.

The party bags were simple and contained exactly the right amount as far as I'm concerned. Especially once a cake has been popped in too! The SpiderMan party bags contained;
  • SpiderMan notepad
  • SpiderMan pencil
  • 1 box of SpiderMan stickers
  • 1 Pack of popping candy
  • 1 Sticker sheet

It is so good to just buy everything in one go like this. If I went to the shops for these bits I would spend a fortune and buy lots of other bits I didn't need I'm sure! There is such an amazing selection on the site, lots of branded cartoons but also basic but popular dinosaur and pirate themes - which are a little cheaper. The only downside I can see is that the sets are in multiples of eight, so it totally depends on how many children you are inviting how many get used. It would be nice to order and extra one or two without ordering a full set. 

I thought initially the price seemed fairly high, but when you work it out individually and think about how many extras you would buy, especially on the dreaded party bags and fillers, having the job done for this money doesn't seem so bad. It's all good quality as well, which is always a good thing. When you order your set, you can also order other cheap extras. For the SpiderMan theme, there are options such as SpiderMan masks (unfortunately in a set of 6 - but very cool), extra table cloths and traditional party hats. This is great if you want to go all out on a theme! 

I would love to have the option to buy single items, I think this would swing it for me as I imagine having 9 children to the party and having to buy another whole set would be too much money for us and a waste of the extras. The only other option would be to limit numbers which seems a shame.

You can see a full list of themes, designs and prices - as well as ordering, by visiting their website We would give this service a thumbs up. Receiving a party in a box was simple, straightforward and exciting for A to open when it arrived. As you can see, he is excited for his party and very much enjoyed the trial run! I'll re-post the party in all its SpiderMan glory after the big day. There all kinds of things party related on the website, so it's well worth a look whatever the occasion.

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Disclosure - we were sent a party pack in exchange for an honest review.