Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Sunday Photo

My Sunday photo is from one of our park walks this week, it was so beautiful but Autumn was making itself well known. It's a strange time, as everything still looks lovely, but it's basically dying off for winter. Looking at the positive (of course), we found our first conker of the year, the only one on the ground in fact as well as a few lovely flowers still looking relatively happy. We love our local park (arboretum) and it is so well kept and pretty. Here are a few other pictures from our Autumn Paparazzi walk.

I love the way these dried seed heads almost look a little threatening over the still living flowers, kind of eerie - or just me?

I just love these flowers, so sad to see them all going but look forward to the new growth in the park. Roll on spring!

Thanks for reading, happy Sunday!