Saturday, September 05, 2015

Save Syria's Children - They Need Us.

If you've been watching the TV, listening to the radio, using social media or pretty much anything other than burying your head in the sand, you've no doubt heard about the awful civil war in Syria and the poor families affected in the worst possible ways. You can find out the full story here in a lot more of a practical well written way than I could do it right now through my teary eyes. 

I'm not going to post it, but this week a picture of a toddler the same age as my son has been circulating to raise awareness of the disgusting refugee situation going on. The little boy's body was washed ashore as they tried to escape for a better life and the little boys parents did what so many there are having to do, to make the decision to risk their lives to save them. I don't even know what to say, it's so horrible, it's such a massive problem and it's so above what I can even cope with imagining.

It's really easy to take things fore granted and things like this make you realise just how lucky we are. This poor boy would have had a good understanding of life and was no doubt excited for the promise of better things to come. The story of this boy and his poor family are heartbreaking, and there are so many more families living a daily hell and thousands if not millions more that need our help.

Every parent will understand the desperation that these parents must be facing to put their children in danger, the danger of staying put is so high that the only chance of a life is to flee and hope for the best, totally tragic. I just want to hold my children in my arms and never let go.

The blogging community has got together to help Save The Children raise money for this cause, well it's the least we can do - but we need your help too. There is so much in the news that is easy to turn a blind eye to, but those pictures, those little hopeless babies, you can't turn ignore it. It could have been our children, it could have been us.

So how can you help?

TEXT 70008 & type SYRIA to donate £5

It really is as simple as that. 

Other ways to help...

  • Another way you can help out is to assist two lovely ladies I know that are collecting items to take directly to refugees in Calais on the 3rd October. Much needed items for desperate people. They are collecting from various points in the UK. If you'd prefer an online donation, you can help Charlotte & Rebecca with their 'Go Fund Me' campaign, by visiting and donating on their page The money will go towards fresh fruit, vegetables and other much needed food and drink, with any extra going direct to 'Les Auberge Des Migrant' - the charity working in the camp every single day.
  • You can also donate to Help The Children online by visiting their website here.
  • Spread the word on social media.
  • Help raise money or find local donation points.

Please don't ignore this.

Thanks so much for reading, please share!



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