Friday, September 11, 2015

Beanies Coffee Review

I'll start by saying that Mr W is a huge coffee fan. You could say obsessed or maybe even a little addicted. OK a total coffee fiend. He loves it  and is always looking and trying out new coffee products. On a weekend it's usually not advisable to make human contact with him until he has had at least his first cup. I've never been a huge coffee drinker, but always loved the smell of freshly ground coffee, liked the odd sip and adore coffee cake! This has all now changed. I love coffee! Well, I love Beanies. Totally converted.


This week we were sent some Beanies coffee to review and we were so excited after seeing it raved about across my social media and in particular on my weight loss account on Instagram, where it features heavily from my fellow slimmers. Most are on Slimming World & Weight Watchers. Beanies seem to have stormed onto the scene and made a big impression with their little flavoursome jars of joy!

The two flavours I chose to sample were the Double Chocolate and Cinder Toffee flavours - sounds good from the off don't you think?

At just two (yes two!) calories a cup made with water, I just knew these would be a great solution to a couple of our problems. Firstly, my super sweet tooth and frequent sugar cravings. Secondly, my husband's love for a tasty new coffee. On both fronts, Beanies exceeded our expectations.

Beanies contains no derivatives like dextrose or lactose, but the aroma and amazing taste makes your brain think it is having a sugary treat, clever hey? This is the perfect drink for anyone that appreciates a tasty hot drink and particularly good for those of us that struggle with our weight. I cant think of another sweet fix for two calories - can you? Well, nothing vaguely filling or satisfying anyway, those tiny rattly sweets don't count! There is literally zero sugar which is hard to believe when you taste this - so good! You need to read this, trust me - then go and buy/smell and taste this coffee for yourself, it's so good. The coffee granules are infused with amazing flavours so they are just like nothing I have tried before at home. You can also get a decaf or a Premium roast version if that's your bag.

Once I had my first taste, I immediately wondered whether I could somehow make one of those big tasty ice cold milkshake/frappes that you get in a coffee shop... oh yes - you certainly can! Bigger and better and less calories too.

Cold in a big glass is my favourite way to drink this. To make my special shakes that I am now totally addicted to, you will need;

A cocktail mixer or similar (not essential but helps and makes a nice froth!)
A big glass of skimmed milk
A teaspoon of Beanies coffee
Powdered sweetener (optional!)

Add it all together, give it all a good shake or mix up and pour into your chosen receptacle, I'd recommend a glass over a flower pot or shoe! I started with a few teaspoons of sweetener but have gradually reduced it as I adjusted to my new drink.


There we have it, a quick recipe idea and the easiest big thumbs up review I have had to date. Good job Beanies! I can't wait to try the rest. I also want to try a healthy tiramasu recipe so watch this space for that, it must be done!

If you pop over to the Beanies website you can have a look at all the flavours they have to offer, a brilliant stash box that would make an amazing gift for coffee lovers and even a Beanies mug.

Thanks for reading,

Coffee loving Wafflemama

Disclosure - I was sent two jars of my choice in exchange for an honest review - it's honestly blooming lovely.