Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Season Picks For Baby - HM

I love HM clothes and looking through their new season collections online is heaven. I love all the pretty patterns and colours, as well as the illustrations and unusual designs, much cooler than most kids clothes. Here are some of my favourites for baby S from the baby and kids girl range. She is one but I can get away with 9-12m to 1.5 years so the selection is great now!

My absolute favourite from this lot is the mustard vest and dungarees, my perfect kids outfit - any day of the week! I adore stripes and polka dots too and the selection of close knit patterned leggings, like these cloud ones are to die for! I would wear all these myself if I could, luckily I love their women's clothes too. 

The ever classy bird in me loves leopard print too and I love it on my baby girl, total sassville. Anything with ears on is a given as well as anything floral. I love the 'The moon is made of ice cream' all in one but best of all is the glorious cat coat. If the colour suits her I'll be all over that! 

There we have it, my top picks for the new season. Of course there are lots more goodies but you may as well have a look at the website if you want to see it all! 

Thanks for reading,