Thursday, September 03, 2015

PK Green 'Teardrop Mood Lamp' - Review

20cm Rechargeable Teardrop Mood Lamp

I love nothing more than making our home cosy and have some what of a love for lamps, candles and anything that creates a sleepy comfortable atmosphere. We live in a very old house and in Baby's bedroom there is one single and not very convenient plug socket that we have her baby monitor in. I got a lamp for her room but the extra cable, risk of her pulling it down and her burning herself means it has been put away and never yet used. When I get her to sleep or give her a feed in the night I use the light from my mobile phone - hardly ideal! I had been in the market for a soft light for baby's room, something big enough to give decent light for a mid sleep nappy change that preferably doesn't need to plug in. LED and Solar specialists The PK Green Shop were able to help us out.

20cm Rechargeable Teardrop Mood Lamp

20cm Rechargeable Teardrop Mood Lamp

I was sent this beautiful teardrop lamp from PK Green which fits our needs perfectly, in fact even better than I could have hoped! This lamp is pretty large at 20cm. The lamp charges easily via a USB cable (included), so that it is totally cordless and thus totally safe to have in baby's room. It's also handy to be able to move around from room to room at ease as its very light! Despite its weight, the quality is amazing and when its on a cool blue or bright white light it looks like it could be made of costly frosted glass, I absolutely love it! The shape is really unusual and I really like that too - something different and it also offers a range of functions which I never expected. My son loves this lamp and calls it 'a slice of the moon'. 

20cm Rechargeable Teardrop Mood Lamp

When the light is switched on, it fades through all the colours of the rainbow very slowly and softly. Both kids love mood lights and watching them change colour. When you push the button you can then choose to have the lamp on any of the colours which is great as some are brighter than others and create a different feel in the room. When baby had gone to sleep I used this on my own bedside table as it is so much nicer and gives off such a relaxing glow - much better than a conventional bulb lamp. On full charge the lamp lasts for ten hours so only really needs charging every now and then.

I think these lamps would make amazing table centres at a wedding too if you wanted something a little different. You would just have to charge them all first which takes a few hours. The lamp is bigger and so much better than it looks on the website and their images used here too - we love it!

If you'd like one of these for yourself (and you totally should!) you can buy one here.

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Disclosure - I was gifted this lamp in exchange for an honest review - all thoughts and words are my own - it's great! Images courtesy of PK Green.