Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Season Picks For The Boy - HM

Having shared already my top picks for baby S, I thought I had better do the rest of us too. I love making a good wish list! AA (the boy) turns four next month and there are so many amazing things to choose from in HM for him right now. We are very into all things space related and luckily so are HM! Here are our top picks for the coming season, and yes A did help choose!

I love the yellow skull top and although it wouldn't be your first thought when you think dress up or Halloween, HM has a great selection. There's everyday scare wear as well as proper costumes. All these picks are so classic and timeless and once again - the space theme clothing, amazing!

These trainers are to die for in any size and would go with literally anything. The spaceman costume is clearly just genius as is their Marvel selection, but I particularly love the socks. HM, like me are all for boys wearing tights and have some really cool ones; from baby up to about ten years, even Star Wars ones. See, men in tights is all good! My favourite I think is the polar bear coat, but totally impossible to choose. People say boys clothing is boring compared to girls. This may be the case for most places but not HM! It's adorable, stylish and not badly priced even for me and my Yorkshire (tight as a ducks arse) husband.

There we have it, this seasons top picks for boys. My sincere apologies to your - soon to be dwindling bank balance.

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