Sunday, September 06, 2015

I Love My Clingy Baby

Since the second we first met, my little boy A just wanted to be held by me, sleep on me and be with me at all times. As a baby he suffered badly from colic and reflux and was almost impossible to settle at times - most the time in fact. Being in my arms was always his medicine, he really didn't have eyes for anyone else and I was quite OK with that, as I really didn't want him out of my sight either. As selfish as it sounds, I loved that he would cry when others held him, I loved when he would crawl off at a play group and I'd watch him scan the room until he spotted me and smiled, I love feeling that love.

People say babies can be spoilt with too many cuddles, that you are building a rod for your own back cuddling them to sleep or carrying them round. I don't believe a baby can ever be spoilt and that time in the grand scheme of things is so short and precious, why not savour every moment and give them what they want. I am thankful for every extra night feed cuddle, every time we hold hands watching TV, every whine for a cuddle while we've been out, every close cuddly sling walk and daytime snoozing skin to skin. I am so happy I never listened to those other people, I am so happy I had him glued to me. 

My second baby (S) rarely gets these luxuries. I really did have just one chance to enjoy those precious one on one moments and I am thankful for every second. At nearly four A still likes to be on my lap, he is an outgoing, confident, happy, intelligent boy and still appreciates the love and comfort of a cuddle, a snuggle on the sofa and occasionally a cuddle in the night too. I feel so lucky. I have such amazing memories of our time in those early days. It seemed hard and tiring at the time and I felt terrible that I couldn't afford nursery and gave up my job to look after him, but it was easily the best decision I have ever made. When I do get a chance to be clingy with his sister, or have a close slingy cuddle, I love every second of it too, I know how quick it goes now and I love the feeling of being so needed and loved.

Day one with my baby boy xx

There were times when the clinginess felt too much, I had to carry him while I brushed my teeth, perfect a one armed omelet and even sit in the back of the car while Mr.W drove, with a baby A in the front so he could see me. We were both as clingy as each other though, I think we still are.

Now as he gets more and more independent by the day, I look back on all those clingy moments with a smile, they really were amazing. With the addition last year of his little sister, we now have times that are even more special. The two of them together are just heart meltingly beautiful and we are making new memories. Baby S is a completely different character, nowhere near as clingy and do you know what? I kind of miss that, though she is super cuddly and loving still, she just knows she has to share.

To any parents out there struggling with their first born, it seems hard work having a clingy baby but it really does go so quickly. You are soon left looking back at those times wondering where they went, they are a one off and very short chapter of your life - so enjoy every second and breathe it all in while you can.

Thanks for reading,