Sunday, September 27, 2015

Braun ThermoScan 7 Thermometer - Review

The worst thing about being a parent is having to see your babies suffer at times. Whatever the age, little ones getting poorly is a horrid experience and it happens a lot! We visit lots of play groups and socialise regularly with the children, so it's no surprise that we have had a fair few illnesses, trips to the doctor and one of my least favourite things as a parent, trying to take their temperature. A fever can be so dangerous and it's frustrating not being able to get an accurate temperature reading, especially with a young baby. All we want is to see those happy smiling faces and do anything we can to make any illness, pass quickly and to be stress free all round.

I have always wanted a digital thermometer and I was recently offered a brilliant Braun model for review - we even needed it straight away, I was pleased in a way as I wanted to try it out! Baby S had her jabs this week and it looks like A may also be coming down with chicken pox, the joys. This is the perfect time to try this thermometer though and compare it to our usual alternatives. Firstly there is the standard under tongue/armpit one - children act like its an implement of torture. Then there is the old school and wildly inaccurate plastic forehead strips. Both of these items have greatly hindered any progress of determining the children's level of fever and caused a lot of stress over the past four years. Needless to say, this was a review item I was particularly pleased to try and also to have in store for the coming months, it seems every one has colds already - time to hibernate!

The Product

The Thermometer I am reviewing is the Braun ThermoScan 7 with age precision. This brilliant little gadget allows you to choose the age of the child to accurately get a temperature reading, what a great idea. Apparently, what can be a normal temperature for a four year old, can also be classed as a fever with a newborn - I had no idea that age effected these things. I feel a little silly not knowing (apparently 40% of UK parents don't either) but very relieved that we have managed to keep everyone healthy so far having not known this fact!

"Did you know the definition of fever changes with age? My thermometer does!"

The ThermoScan 7 is unique in that it pre-warms the tip to 34 degrees Celsius to achieve professional accuracy. With a cold tipped thermometer, the area in the ear can be cooled making the reading inaccurate. Braun are the preferred brand for doctors too and it comes as no surprise - they are so easy to use, a real must have for any parent. To any 'parents to be' reading this - get this on your wish list right now! This retails at £44.99 ( and is really worth every single penny. I would put this on the baby list alongside things like monitors in terms of usefulness and importance, I just wish I had invested in one from the start.

How to use

This thermometer is so incredibly easy to use. Suitable for the whole family, the ThermoScan takes out any guess work or doubt and gives you straight forward readable and even colour coded results - it's totally foolproof.

  • Pop on a fresh Lens filter to avoid contamination and ensure accuracy
  • Select the age using the age precision button
  • Press the measuring button to take the temperature 
  • Result displayed within a few seconds
  • Colour coded screen indicates temperature relating to age
  • Save readings to the internal memory for easy comparisons
  • Press the eject button to remove and dispose of the lens filter

Unique features

  • Age precision technology
  • 9 X memory
  • Carry case to keep safe and contain lens filters
  • Colour coded display
  • Night light
  • High precision
  • Quick & Easy
  • Runs on simple AA batteries (easy to change)

To see this brilliant gadget in action, you can watch the video below;

A must buy for any parent!

There really is nothing better for any parent in terms of thermometers. Having something tell you in black and white (as well as red yellow and green!) if your child has a fever is so simple. So simple in fact that my three year old was able to take his own temperature as well as ours and his baby sister! A couple of buttons and you know whether you need to take action or if your baby is well. If you have ever battled with the other kinds, then you will understand how a few seconds with this one comes as such a welcome change. A huge double thumbs up from us!

You can read more about the ThermoScan 7 range on the Braun website.

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