Sunday, September 13, 2015


Tomorrow this little man starts school nursery. Not school, thank god, but it still makes it seem that little bit closer. I am gradually handing my baby boy over and I can only hope it feels easier than it does now in a years time. 

I will miss him so much. He's not full time, so luckily we will still have two days together - but I am really freaking a little this evening. It's not just the him going, but more if he will be happy, if the other kids will be nice, if he enjoys himself and has fun. I have everything crossed that he will just love it, but I know it just takes that one rotten kid to throw it all so I'm totally on edge and full of anxieties. There seems to be lots of bad apples here too and A is so full of happiness and positivity, I don't want his little bubble burst.

I have everything ready, his tiny uniform, school bag, lunch bag and coat, but something doesn't feel right. I will be glad when tomorrow is out that way and I really hope I pick him up with his happy little smile, full of excitement and stories. 

One more sleep and one step closer to handing my baby over. I know he isn't my baby really, but he still feels that way to me and I've spent time with him every single day. This will be hard, but next year even harder so I'll try not to think about it. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading,