Monday, September 21, 2015

To The Lady At No. 31

I don't normally do this kind of thing, I'm not the best of writers and certainly no poet - but for some reason this just came out so I thought I would write it down. It's pretty self explanatory, but basically another lesson for me in leaving things (maybe) too late. Life is short, show a little love.

To the lady at no. 31

I feel so sad that we only learnt your real name today,
As the noisy police and ambulances took you fast away.

My son calls you is favourite little sweet old lady friend,
At Christmas he was excited about the cat card we did send.

He likes to blow you kisses - that really make you smile,
I hope holding baby's hands made you happy for a while.

Six years we have lived here and seen you every day,
I felt too bad to ask your name as the months, years slipped away.

My heartbeat stopped as the ambulance went down past number ten,
But seconds later siren sounds and I'm breathing once again.

I don't know if they'll bring you home this time, but so you know,
Those little waving hands and kisses blown weren't just for show.

We love our little chats and waving at you through the day,
We hope we've cheered your days sometimes, if only a small way.


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