Sunday, September 06, 2015

One Minute Mug Cake!

The other day I pottered round the local Co op and picked up some Options hot chocolate. At 40 calories each I thought these would be a good cupboard keeper for when the sugar cravings hit. I later discovered (thanks to my husband) that I could use these for a super quick super tasty sweet treat, so I thought I would share.

One Minute Mug Cake!

What you need:

  • One small sachet of options hot chocolate powder.
  • One medium egg.
  • 4 Teaspoons of sweetnener (optional).
  • A mug.
  • A Fork.

How to mix:

Pour the sachet of hot chocolate mix into your mug of choice, crack an egg and add to the mug, add you sweetener and stir like crazy with your fork. Mix really really well until everything is mixed with no lumps. The more you mix, the more cake like it will be and less chocolate omelette, but still very tasty!

How to bake:

Pop the mug of goodness into the microwave and cook for one minute (this is a little trial and error depending on your microwave but you will know when it's ready!).

When it's ready it comes a little loose in the mug like a little cake, you can tip it out and top it with something tasty or eat as it is as a healthy sweet snack - delicious! I had mine tonight with fat free vanilla flavoured natural yoghurt and dark chocolate chips! Filling and tasty.

Thanks for reading,