Friday, September 18, 2015

New Season HM Picks: For Him

I thought I would have a look at the menswear in HM for this season on Mr. Waffle's behalf. I must admit I find it quite underwhelming compared to the women's and kids sections, but I do think that with the exception of skate wear shops, this seems to be the case in most places on the high street. There were a few goodies though and although most are just basic wardrobe staples, there were a few gems worth mentioning.

The Raglan top is a must have and comes in white and black too, I think all of us will have these as they are great for every day wear and suit our style. I think the Navajo patterned jumper may have him running for the hills, but I love it. If I can pin him down long enough to try it on, I'm sure it would suit. The trousers are jean joggers, which might sound a bit naff (especially as I have them for my toddler for quick toilet trips!) but are actually really convincing as jeans, but with the bonus of being super comfy. Good for chilling in, but I see no reason you couldn't wear out to be a bit more comfortable. 

A lot of the clothes are lovely, but the long length fashion for menswear would look ridiculous on my 5 foot 8 husband, so that rules out most the clothes in store right now and most of the rest I think we are a little too old for. I love the boxing bear knitwear and it's nice to see a flat peak cap without a daft pattern or text on too! That's it, my pick of the bunch. Hoping this man-dress-long-tee-dress-shirt fashion style for men ends soon, not cool.

Thanks for reading,