Bargain Buy: Tesco's £1 No Tangle Brush

I quickly nipped into my local Tesco Extra yesterday and stumbled across what seemed to be a £1 aisle! As a lover of pound shops and bargains, this pleased me. The rest of the family were out waiting in the car so I had to be quick, but this brush jumped out at me. A (4 next month) hates having his hair brushed and also hates having it short - a dreadful mix that usually results in bed head boy. I've looked at tangle free brushes before but never wanted to invest in one as they are quite expensive just to be another one for him to reject. This though for one pound? Can't go wrong and at worst I could use it for my own muddled Barnet.

This works brilliantly though for an older fussy toddler and although it is a bit firmer and plasticky than the better hair specialist brands, we had zero fuss from the boy and it styled his hair beautifully without so much as a pull from the brush or a squeal from him. A great buy and good little stocking filler too. I'll have to head back to see what else is on offer soon.

A bargain buy indeed!