Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Season Picks For Me - HM

I'm a total shopaholic, and now I've lost a little weight, the buzz of shopping has returned ten fold! There are still a lot of 'hell no's' and outfits I am far too big for, but I'm beginning to explore more colours and get excited about clothes again. I'm not mad on the seventies trend at the moment but quite like the 90's looks and boyfriend styles that are hanging around. Here's my in store picks from HM at the moment for the cooler weather

I love love love the floral play suit, middle right. I have no idea how it would look with my large 'behind', but definitely going to give that a try. Clearly I'm a cat lady - so anything cat related is a win too. Peplum, Raglan and checked shirts will be my wardrobe staples for some time I think and they have a great selection.

Let's not forget the beautiful selection of accessories in HM too! Here are my favourite bits and bobs, I'm particularly in love with the Kitty pump slippers and wool cap! Mainly because baby has the same one. I love matchy. I like the idea of grey nails in this shade too, to match the slouchy beanie. I adore their clothes, but if they made the kids ones in adult sizes I'd be even happier!

Happy shopping!


Photo credit: HM