Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Alf's Special Shelf & The Star Monsters

Alf's new Shelf Guests

Alf's a funny little thing, we've always called him Womble as from the moment he could walk he loved collecting things to bring home and loved showing off his finds to anyone that would listen, he's adorable.

The wombling trait has evolved into much more now, he still loves looking for things, he takes after me with a love for beach combing and finding all things sparkly and fun on our travels and best of all, he has his very own 'Special Shelf' in his bedroom which has now gone from a shelf to being pretty much a full cabinet. 

At one point Alf actually opened it as a museum and cheekily charged his grandparents (and us) an entry fee, to view his collections - what a little entrepreneur!

Actually stopping and looking at his shelf is really sweet. He has all kinds of things now and has carefully arranged them into sections. Alf keeps his shelves super neat and dislikes nothing more than anyone (especially his little sister) moving anything or touching his display. I noticed today he has swiped a photo of his sister as a baby at some point and has it proudly displayed. 

He has the plastic toys separate from the porcelain and clay ones, with all his animals in packs. It makes me super happy seeing his little set up, it's really cute.

The latest edition to Alf's special shelf is a great modern collectable called the Star Monsters and if your house hasn't already been taken over by these little critters then they may well soon be! The Star Monsters have been shelf guests for a little while now and when we visited the Fun Fest day earlier this year, Alf was delighted to meet the full range, claim a special edition monster made specially for the day and excitedly tell everyone there about his shelf and the space he had made for his new favourites on the shelf.

After Alf hitting it off with the Star Monsters crew, we were kindly sent a few samples from the range to add to his stash and wow he was excited! 

The star monsters come in lots of different packs for all budgets, from pocket money packets for a pound to larger gift sets. There are special gold and silver designs which Alf loves most of all and they come with different stackable stands and pods.

You can buy Star Monsters from several retailers, we get most of ours from our local Co-Op and a special pack for his Birthday from the Entertainer.

The Star Monsters are top of Alf's Christmas list this year so we will have to make sure he has some in his stocking, as well as Soph who is now into them too. For more information for your little collectors, you can visit the official website and check out the video below.

We all love seeing Alf's special shelf and I hope he never grows out of it!