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A big thank you...

As Christmas looms on the horizon, I am increasingly feeling more and more grateful for my blog work and the opportunities it has created this year. This isn't a braggy post, though I am pretty pleased with what I've achieved.

I've been so lucky to work for wonderful brands, to be an ambassador for some of those too and best of all collect vouchers, products and funds to contribute to our family and for once feel like I can legitimately spoil the kids this Christmas and feel proud of my achievements.

Working with The Entertainer on Twitter parties for example has allowed me to save up enough vouchers to cover Christmas pretty much for the kids and buy Alf his first ever camera for his birthday. We have always struggled for money, so this is a huge deal for us and it feels amazing to spoil them a little, buy some things new and do some guilt free shopping.

Brands like Aldi have given us samples of amazing products that I am truly thankful for. It's not often us parents get to treat ourselves, so being able to surprise Adam with a new gadget to review or spruce up our tired home with something fresh and shiny feels great. I've also been able to donate things to charity raffles, surprise friends and family with unexpected gifts and feel like myself again getting creative.

There are lots of companies and PRs that have made a huge impact on me this year, too many to name but for anyone I have had the pleasure of working with this year, this is for you.

To all the brands, PR people, those that read my blog, enter my competitions and other bloggers that are nothing but supportive and lovely with everything I do, thank you so much. Having no choice but to leave my job in Spring due to poor health, I had high hopes (but low expectations!) for making something of my blog and I feel amazing to have actually achieved the things I have and for all the things we ave received. I'm not one to toot my own trumpet at all, ever, but tootytootytoooot to this year and Wafflemama. 

I know this year is far from over but with all the build up to Christmas and for once not dreading the shopping and worrying about time off work, I am truly grateful right now for everyone that has contributed to my further venture into the blogging world, long may it continue.