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Since starting a home together 11 years ago, we have had a few nice new things, a few hand me downs and a lot of second hand bits and bobs. Getting married meant we could finally update a lot of things in our house with the vouchers we were kindly given, but now we seem to be at a point once again where everything is broken, breaking or wearing out - not great timing. We are hoping to replace one thing at a time as we go along and hopefully we can have a bit of time without anything going wrong in the house for a while, we can only hope - especially with Christmas rearing its beautiful twinkly head. So Santa, if you're reading this, we've both been really really good this year and  would love nothing more than some shiny treats to adorn our happy home. Here's our wish list.
To start off with I would love this Panasonic Microwave Oven to replace our old, tiny and hopeless microwave that has now completely had it (considering it no longer heats up food!). This combination oven though would be such a big help to us with so any uses and functions, perfect for a family like ours. This little beauty would be a grill, oven and microwave in one - perfect for a Mum (or Dad) in a hurry.

Our current hoover has decided that it's just not cool to actually pic up things while it's on any more, making it pretty pointless for anything other than a coat stand right now! I'd love something like the Dyson V6 as I'd be able to nip round the house with it, quickly hoover the stairs and keep things clean without struggling around with a heavy hoover and a bad back. I love the fact that it's cordless too as none of our plug sockets are anywhere sensible!

The sofa gets so much abuse in our house, it's my office in the evening, a bouncy castle/fort/dining table/bed/movie zone for the kids all day and our place of sanity in the evening. Our sofa is now crazy uncomfortable, it really hurts my back and has really had it's day which is no surpsrise after all the use it's had! I absolutely love this sofa, it's plain enough to jazz up with cushions to fit our colourscheme and super comfy with high arms - something I really miss.

My last pair of GHDs lasted me a whopping 15 years! A really good investment despite the initial outlay and I miss them so much. I have some really good straighteneners now that were super cheap but they are nowhere near comparible to the good old GHDs, I'd love another pair some day.

Our current fridge freezer is also on it's way out. It used to belong to my grandmother so it's a good age now but suddenly it's behaving irratically and every single draw in the freezer is broken, I hate it! My absolute dream would be one of these American style fridge freezers - aren't they amazing?

Last up is this gorgeous food mixer. We've never actually had one of these but always wanted one of them and with doing more and more baking and lots of pizza dough making, this would save a lot of elbow grease and well, isn't it just a beautiful thing?!

I could list more but that's quite enough to get us started and saving for. What's on your wishlist this year?

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