Friday, November 18, 2016

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Christmas Advent Bunting

I love advent calendars and they were always one of my favourite parts of Christmas growing up. When I received this months Bostik craft box my first thought was to make an advent calendar for the kids that would be easy enough for them to open and look nice too.

I am a little obsessed with bunting, so opted for a bunting style advent calendar that would house 2 treats so the kids could have one each. This is a super simple make and really prettily festive too.

What you need

  • Glue
  • Patterned paper
  • Mini pegs
  • Ribbon
  • Contents - treats, activities, jokes, whatever works.


Cut your paper into 50 equally sized triangles, big enough to house your chosen treat.

To make each flag, glue 2 triangles together on the long edges, leaving the top open to make a pocket.

Complete the step above for all your triangles until you have 25 pockets. Write the day numbers on or use number stickers if you have them. Then fill each flag with your treats.

Hang your ribbon or string and secure your flags in place using two mini pegs.

Continue to add all your pockets in order until your bunting is complete. If you don't have room for the full set, add another string below or hang in another room!

After each day has been opened, turn it round and re-hang to keep it looking pretty until the big day!

Advent filler ideas

  • Chocolate coins
  • Complements
  • Craft activities
  • Days out
  • Jokes
  • Wrapped sweets
  • Cash
  • Treats for pets
  • Dares/challenges
  • Stickers

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