Pre-Christmas Crafting With Maped Helix


One of the best things about this time of year is getting creative and crafts just take on a whole new level of excitement. Anything goes at Christmas, the more colour the better and glitter sales must be through the roof! 

Helix kindly sent us a brilliant pre Christmas craft activity set to make our very own baubles. This one looked great for the whole family, I could delicately attempt to colour while the kids colour in their own very unique ways - Soph usually ends up eating her pictures, hopefully she will grow out of that before she starts college....

This set is great, it comes with a full set of 12 lovely coloured great quality felt tips, as well as the kit to make 9 baubles in different shapes; circles, stars and Christmas trees. I couldn't wait to make one of these, as much as I like making from scratch I love having instructions and an easy to follow craft that actually turns out well.

For starters you need to pick a shape and colour in six of the same. Each shape comes on 3 separate sheets all with different patterns on. This made for some interesting colour choices on our part and lots of fun with the kids, especially Alf, who at 5 I think is around the perfect age to be able to pull this off from start to finish. I did of course help him though because, well it was fun!

So here are our six shapes and what's next is really cool! I'd never attempt to make something like this but now I have I can't wait to make more and maybe even use up left over wrapping paper to make some.

Each shape gets folded in half and stuck together. String is then knotted and tied before the last piece goes in place. This part was a tiny bit fiddly with the first bauble but was easier as it went on. I think when they are finished they actually look amazing and Alf was so pleased with the bits he had so patiently coloured.

This is a fab craft set, a really good satisfying end result and great quality products. This would be perfect to keep the kids busy before Christmas on these rainy days we seem to be endlessly having! You can read more about these sets here. Big thumbs up from us!