Sunday, November 06, 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas >> For Him

Ho Ho Him!

I love Christmas shopping but shopping for men is the one I find most tricky, in fact shopping for my husband in particular gives me the biggest headache as he rarely wants for much that we can actually afford, so I struggle every year.

I had a little snoop to see what's on offer this Christmas to get the ball rolling and I found some gems I know would go down super well, with something for every budget from stocking fillers to all out treats, there is hopefully something here for everyone.

1. Power Health Beard Oil | 2. Sugru Fix That Thing | 3. R2D2 Build Kit | 4. Vinyl Player | 5. Dinosaur Xmas Jumper | 6. Air Amp | 7. Dinosaur Onesie | 8. Braun Beard Trimmer | 9. Globe Decanter | 10. Cross Bow | 11. Pinball Table | 12. Oakley Kitchen Sink Bag | 13. Beard Comb | 14. Withings Activite Steel | 15. Chrome Cast | 16. Nerf Dog

If the man you're buying for likes a fun toy, then the Nerf Gun for dogs (16) would be a brilliant present if he has a canine companion. This gun fires tennis balls and is a legitimate reason to have a Nerf gun as a grown up! The Withings watch (14) is a much more sophisticated and subtle activity monitor that looks great and has lots to offer.

The Chromecast (15) is a cheap little gadget that allows you to cast from your smaller gadgets to the big screen, they are so useful and perfect for parents as it means you can easily amuse the kids on the TV when you need a few minutes peace. Alternatively, the Air Amp (6) lets them quickly amplify music without the need for cables and looks cool too! The Sugru kit (2) would be a great little stocking filler, helping them with little fixes.

For something a little more old school, these vinyl players (4) are amazing value, they look great and can be easily transported, making the perfect gift along with his favourite song on record.

If you really want to go all out, a retro style pinball machine (12) would go down a storm!

For those men that are partial to little facial hair, this gorgeous smelling beard oil (1) would be well received, a little treat for our bearded wonders to keep things in check for winter. They may also love a retro little beard comb (13) or what I'm told by Mr. W is the best beard trimmer he has ever used from Braun (8).

For he that loves anything dinosaur, the ultimate Christmas jumper (9) or a full on dress up onesie (7) would be lots of fun this year. For the ultimate big kid, there's a build your own R2D2 (3) and a fun little cross bow (10) - who said kids should have all the fun?

Good luck with your Christmas shopping this year!