Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Our Spooktacular Halloween


I know for a huge variety of reasons a lot of people don't celebrate Halloween in any way and I totally understand that. For me it is more about family tradition and fun than anything else. The kids love dressing up, the kids love sweets (obvs) and it's one day a year where the two can be combined after dark for an exciting little treat. The kids hardly ever go out after dark so they were bouncing off the walls with excitement especially after receiving their fab Halloween hamper from Bear Nibbles!

We go trick or treating but only ever to our few neighbours that we know will be happy to have us (or have in fact invited us as they love to see the kids dressed up having fun) and also those houses that have decorations up or lit up pumpkins etc in the windows. I would never knock on any random door, how terrifying would it be for an older person or actually any age living by themselves having random door knockers in the dark, I know I wouldn't like it and I still get terrified every time the door goes even though I enjoy it!

This year, there seemed to be a lot more people with pumpkins lit up outside and sweets on display showing they are happy for trick or treaters, this should be an official 'thing' to stop those random door knockers, it really works.

We celebrated Alf's birthday, then yesterday it was Halloween so we had a little trip out trick or treating, during which the kids did amazingly well and have a good stash of sweets that can now be spread out over the coming weeks - that's right they don't eat them all before bed don't worry! Alf didn't want to scare people so he ditched his skeleton pirate costume for a snake doctor outfit and Soph was excited to wear her princess witch dress and wear some creepy makeup - cuties.

I really enjoyed this Halloween, Alf loved every second and Soph was excited with it being her first time, though clung on to me for dear life out in the dark whilst giggling! These early dark nights are a new thing for her at two, she's never really paid attention to things like that in previous years so she is just becoming more aware of things that are 'scary'. She loved trick or treating though and thought the whole concept was great! Knock, get told you look amazing and then get handfuls of sweets - where do I sign?!

Do you celebrate Halloween? What did your family get up to this year?