Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Playgroup For Parents

Let's change playgroups!

Last week me and a few local ladies ventured to a 'playgroup' in town. This group was different though, this group was for us Mums, with the added bonus of being able to take our babes along and get a little time out.

So often us parents are just sat watching and waiting, it's pretty awkward especially if you're new so why not have something for everyone - a talking point, something different that lets us get creative and have a little relaxation at the same time.

The group we went to was pretty good and I think we should all use this model to start groups that benefit the whole family as well as the little ones. We were given cake, nibbles, a choice of neck/back or arm/hand massages, we were able to get our nails done and even take part in some crafts.

As we still had our little people in tow it wasn't the most relaxing thing on earth, but it felt like a total treat and instantly gives people something to talk about. I love this idea and I think more groups should incorporate parents needs as it can be tough and lonely at times and a couple of hours of something different makes a  big impression on our week.

The only downside for me for this particular group was that there was a few old ladies who had gone along that weren't very appreciative of the kids being there, but we were welcome as were the kids, so although it was great, it would be better if it was parent specific so we could relax a little and let the kids run free.

If you have the facilities locally and can muster up the resources to make something like this happen then I would really recommend doing it, it could be so popular and anything that gets us folks out and about has to be a good thing. A space to paint, craft, relax, be pampered, chat and relax while our children are happy playing - brilliant.

Do you have any groups like this near you?